Friday, January 8, 2016

Homework for 8 Jan 16

Due NEXT MONDAY(Mon 11 Jan):


Holiday Homework(Application questions for people who scored an A for the Chem EOY, Concept maps for people who scored <C6, and TYS MCQ for those who are in-between(Note: remember to remove the tys pages to submit))

Social Studies

Diagnostic test(The Northern Ireland MCQ & SBQ google form on the google classroom)


Holiday homework(compo & compre)(for those who haven't finished yet)

Comprehension passage(the 捅马蜂窝 one)

E Math

Find out how to use statistical functions on your calculator

Complete the financial math acelearning quiz(if you haven't already)

Read the 2016 S4 Brief lesson summary


Complete exercise 2 of the language skills worksheet


Complete slides on tourism(dream destination)

Holiday homework(on climate change responses)(if you haven't already)


Due NEXT FRIDAY(15 Jan 15):


Obtain a purple ring file

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